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Acne (pimples and blackheads) is a disease of sebaceous glands. As a result of this disease, on skin appear inflammatory elements. For significant proportion of men and women acne pass in the chronic form and is often resistant to treatment.

Aesthetic problems with the face and body have a great psychological impact on the personality, may cause depression and lead to social exclusion. That’s why it is very important for any beautician to diagnose the disease in time and prescribe an effective way to treat acne, in order to avoid all these problems.

Modern Ways of the Acne Treatment

A proper solution of the problem with pimples and blackheads and choosing the method of treatment must be done by a qualified dermatologist. As a rule, the most effective medication is a comprehensive medication that insures not only cosmetic procedures and drugs, but the prime cause of the disease and treatment.

Advantage for the Treatment against Acne with the Help of Ultraviolet

Nowadays, the method of treatment the teen and adult acne with UV lamp is very fast, efficient and safe. Unlike drugs and antibiotics, UV treatment has no side effects, does not age the skin, and does not affect other organs. Simplicity and safety of this device allows curing acne without any doctor.

Additional positive effects:

Acne Prevention

Although, there’s an opinion, that acne and black spots on the body and face can be easily cured with the help of a cream or ointment, it is better to prevent their occurrence. In order to exclude the occurrence of lesions, it is necessary to visit periodically a beautician, carefully select cosmetics, eat healthy food and avoid stress.

One of the most effective ways of preventing acne is a high level of hygiene of the body and face. Hair removal and shaving the neck may cause acne disease. Therefore, pay special attention to hygiene when performing these procedures. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and walk more before sleep. Try as much as possible to protect the skin from the aggressive exposure to cold, sun and friction.

If you exercise, you should better wear clothes of natural fabrics under your sports equipment. If possible, avoid contact with harsh chemicals and oils, such as gasoline or oil. Following these simple rules, you will be satisfied with both external and internal condition of your skin.